Gearshift 2016: Lid I-5

A five minute overview of the history of freeway lids in Seattle and the motivations for this campaign.

A Day in the Life of Klyde Warren Park

A montage of the gold standard for freeway lid parks in Dallas, Texas, this video shows what I-5 can become in Seattle’s Center City. Learn more about this park on the Case Studies page.

Pike|Pine + Lid I-5

Footage of Interstate 5 in the Pike/Pine corridor and proposed solutions for healing the scar.

Seattle City Council Presentation

Summary of key points and public testimony from the campaign’s December 2015 presentation to the City Council’s Transportation Committee.

Freeway Park Construction Videos

Hat tip to Seattle Transit Blog: “The Seattle Municipal Archives recently posted these videos showing the construction of Freeway Park in the mid-1970s. No sound, but plenty of great sights.”