City Policy

This page lists the official City of Seattle policies and documents that support lidding I-5.

Seattle Comprehensive Plan, transportation policy 3.12 (2016) Look for opportunities to reestablish or improve connections across I-5 by creating new crossings, or enhancing streets where I-5 crosses overhead, or constructing lids, especially where these can also enhance opportunities for development or open space.

Seattle Comprehensive Plan, parks policy 1.17 (2016) Create innovative opportunities to use existing public land, especially in the right of way, for open space and recreation, including street plazas, pavement to parks, parklets, lidding of reservoirs and highways, and community gardens.

Seattle Clerk File 314338, City Council conditions of street vacation, Lid I-5 Study Funding (2018) $1.5 million to Seattle Office of Planning and Community Development for I-5 Lid Study.

Imagine Greater Downtown, big idea “Stitch the I-5 Divide” (2019) – In 2035, neighborhoods divided by I-5 are reunited with new and enhanced connections, vital public spaces, and community destinations.

City Council Resolution 32010, section 2.E (2021) – Neighborhood connections across highways. Analyze and make recommendations for changes to the Comprehensive Plan to support the use of lids across highways to restore disconnected neighborhoods, expand neighborhoods, and open up hundreds of acres of buildable land for housing and parks, to create safer, healthier, and more vibrant neighborhoods.