Montlake Lid

The Montlake Lid shows the basics of how we will lid the Interstate 5 lanes between Downtown and First Hill & Capitol Hill – it’s not much more than thick walls and hefty girders.  The lid will hold a new neighborhood park, and also a regional bus stop. Further to the east, a swooping land bridge will improve walking and cycling connections.

Check out our site visit photos and video below, and scroll down for more background information on the project.

The Montlake Lid is part of a larger rebuild of State Route 520. Previous phases included three lids east of Lake Washington and a new floating bridge. The Montlake portion of the project is expected to be completed in 2024. The final phase, connecting to Interstate 5, is planned to be built 2023-2029 and will include an additional lid in the Roanoke neighborhood. See the WSDOT project website for details.

Concept plan for the Montlake lid, land bridge, and other nearby improvements. (Washington State Department of Transportation)