We recommend a minimum donation of $50, but anything will help advance the goal of lidding I-5. Seattle Parks Foundation is our fiscal sponsor and processes all contributions. Click the button above or click here to help make lidding I-5 a part of Seattle’s future.

Your contribution will help us:

  • Build coalitions with community organizations, including neighborhood groups, parks advocates, school supporters, public health experts, transportation groups, developers, property owners, and the local business community.
  • Host public events to build awareness. Nearly 100 people attended the first half-day charrette, and we’re planning for the next ones. We will also host events like town halls and panel discussions to spread the word.
  • Advocate and meet with public officials. Over the next year we will accelerate our advocacy efforts to inspire local officials to join us. Key decision makers are the Seattle City Council, the Seattle Mayor, Washington State legislators, and top administrators at the Washington State Department of Transportation.
  • Engage the media. We have hired Catalyst Strategies to guide our campaign and assist with public affairs. Local media is already providing extensive coverage that we are using to create a city-wide buzz and capture the public’s attention.