Victory on Comprehensive Plan Changes for Lid I-5

A big thank you for supporting our requests for changes to Seattle’s Comprehensive Plan. We were successful in having the City Council return references about lidding freeways to not only the Transportation chapter, but also a new reference in the Park chapter.

While the changes are minor, we can say with confidence that our community effort is supported by official public policies. This will help bolster the campaign for years to come.

Specifically, the policies read as follows:

Transportation Policy 3.11 [Existing draft policy] – Look for opportunities to reestablish or improve connections across I-5 by creating new crossings, or enhancing streets where I-5 crosses overhead, or constructing lids, especially where these can also enhance opportunities for development or open space.

Parks Policy 1.17 [Entirely new policy] – Create innovative opportunities to use existing public land, especially in the right of way, for open space and recreation, including street plazas, pavement to parks, parklets, lidding of reservoirs and highways, and community gardens.

In addition to nearly 20 comments from you, we were also supported by Freeway Park Association, First Hill Improvement Association, and the Seattle Parks Foundation. This small victory shows what can happen when we work together as one community. Over the coming year we’ll continue building a coalition of stakeholders and local organizations and hope you’ll be right there with us.