Join Lid I-5 for a Year of Creativity and Progress

Happy new year! We’re excited to be back after the holidays, and expect to make even more progress in 2018. Here’s a few ways for you to get involved as we advance the vision for a more connected and sustainable Seattle.

Central Hills Triangle Collaborative – Join the Tours and Charrette

Funded by a $48,000 Neighborhood Matching Fund, the Collaborative is a major Lid I-5 design initiative that will bring together the First Hill, Downtown, Denny Triangle, and Capitol Hill communities throughout 2018. We’ll use the results of the Collaborative to inform the scope of the City’s lid feasibility study and to create captivating illustrations of how lids will benefit the health, economy, and cohesion of urban neighborhoods.

Click here to register for the main event, the Collaborative kickoff charrette, on Sunday, January 21, 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM, at 12th Avenue Arts’ Pike-Pine room (please note the date has changed from previous notices).

Design teams have been assigned study areas and land use themes and will spend the morning developing design concepts based on the community’s ideas. You are welcome to join a team for the day or just stop by for a few minutes. We’ll have light refreshments available, and the team presentations are expected to begin at noon.

If you’ll be joining us at the charrette, we encourage you to also register for a Collaborative walking tour on Sunday, January 14 or Thursday, January 18. We’ll be discussing the challenges and opportunities at each block above I-5, and seeing the freeway in person can really help engender creative ideas. Register or see below for event details.

And mark your calendar for the Collaborative’s full 2018 schedule! The kickoff will be followed by multiple updates from the design teams as they refine their work. All events are open to the general public. The schedule is subject to change.

CHTC Schedule Flyer

Comment on the Regional Transportation Plan

The Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC) is updating the region’s transportation plan, which anticipates one million more residents by 2040. Public feedback is being accepted now – please write in support of Lid I-5 today! Click here to learn more and submit a comment. We’ve provided a template for you below:

I am commenting on several Interstate 5 freeway projects: project 4198 (Lake City Way interchange lane extensions), project 4200 (reconstructing the Mercer Street and SR-520 interchanges), project 4250 (SR-520 corridor reconstruction), project 5508 (adding a northbound lane between Seneca Street and Mercer Street), and project 5679 (an infill light rail station at Seattle’s NE 130th Street),

As a Seattle resident, I challenge PSRC, WSDOT, Sound Transit, SDOT, and other partner agencies to make these projects contingent upon designs which accommodate future freeway lids which reduce air pollution and noise, improve mobility, and provide new land for air rights development. The City of Seattle has agreed to conduct a lid feasibility study valued at $1.5M starting in 2018, so lids are in the region’s future. It is imperative that these projects appropriately configure Interstate 5 for future generations.

To go a step further, I strongly request all of these projects include lid implementation. In the 21st century no recessed urban freeway should be built or improved without the community benefits and environmental mitigation that lids provide. Building lids concurrently with roadway work can also save costs for all agencies involved. And while we need to improve our regional transportation network, we also need to ensure that network promotes healthy people and thriving communities. Thank you for the opportunity to comment.

City Council to Consider Lid I-5 Study in March

City Council is expected to take up discussion of the lid feasibility study, Freeway Park improvements, and many other public benefits in March. We’ll share the best ways for you to support the study – and the potential it unlocks for reconnecting Seattle – when we get more details.