Vote No on I-976 to Help Lid Interstate 5

Vote NO on Initiative 976


Lid I-5 is making great progress. After years of hearing the idea is too “pie in the sky”, Seattle’s support for lidding I-5 has never been higher. People understand the need for a more connected, sustainable, and equitable city and how lidding the freeway will support our robust population and economic growth. Through thousands of volunteer hours every year, the Steering Committee has seen growing approval with the public and our elected leaders, and they often say it is certain to happen.

However, the vision for lidding I-5 faces a major threat from Initiative 976.

Promoted by anti-tax activist Tim Eyman, I-976 would cripple the Lid I-5 effort. The initiative intends to cut statewide transportation funding by $4 billion over the next six years, slashing funds for important construction and maintenance projects like lidding SR-520 in Montlake, completing Sound Transit’s light rail projects, and seismic retrofits for bridges. The measure would also hit freight mobility projects, funding for local bus service, and ferry system upgrades. Communities across Washington will be impacted.

Is saving a few dollars on car tabs worth the devastating effects of I-976? We don’t think so, and urge you to vote NO on I-976 in the November election.

Learn more and get involved at the No on 976 website, and see the impacts specific to King County (PDF).

SDOT Endorses Lid I-5 at NACTO

The National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO) is a major force in the transportation world. We recently got word that the Seattle DOT exhibit at the 2019 conference in Toronto enthusiastically supports the Lid I-5 concept, saying “Interstate 5 creates a barrier right through the heart of Seattle’s Greater Downtown…The study will investigate solutions that would reconnect neighborhoods.” Hat tip to Queen Anne Greenways.

What We’re Up To

In the meantime, the Lid I-5 team continues work on strategic priorities and determining our next steps. Here’s just a sample of our activities:

  • In August, we had a productive meeting with WSDOT Secretary Roger Millar and top staff to affirm lidding I-5 is a great idea and needs additional analysis.
  • We are meeting with multiple state legislators, from Seattle and beyond, to explore I-5 planning and funding opportunities in the 2020 session.
  • We have been meeting with top King County staff to discuss how lids may connect the ongoing master plans for the County Civic Campus, Harborview Medical Center, and Yesler Terrace.
  • We have been engaging people running for Seattle City Council to share the campaign’s mission, vision, and values.
  • Through the summer we hosted multiple public events including walking tours, an open house, and a film screening.
  • We are close to publishing two booklets: One summarizing the 2018 Design Collaborative, and another highlighting great freeway lids across the nation.

Feeling inspired by the work of Lid I-5? You can always help us go further by becoming a monthly donor today! Your donation supports the campaign’s volunteer work and expenses like equipment, materials, and meetings.