Call to Action: Support the Downtown Street Network Study!


We have these important action items and updates for you. Learn more below.

  1. The City has identified a Downtown Street Network Study as the next step to support lidding I-5, but it is currently unfunded. CLICK HERE to easily send a message of support.
  2. The election is Tuesday! Please pay close attention to Initiative 976 and vote NO to preserve transportation funding and support lidding I-5. There are more ways to get involved in the final days.
  3. The City’s next lid feasibility study meeting, originally set for November 1, has been postponed.


Tell Council: Fund the Downtown Traffic Study

Seattle’s latest planning initiative, Imagine Greater Downtown, has big ideas for the future of our urban community. One of them directly supports lidding I-5, known as “Stitching the I-5 Divide”.

Imagine Greater Downtown describes an important next step that will help us lid I-5: doing a Downtown Street Network Study. Among many things, the study will consider how streets and traffic interact with on-ramps and off-ramps. This is important because the ramps affect how connected and usable the freeway lids will be. The study will also analyze ideas to speed up transit, increase pedestrian safety, and build out the bike network.

Unfortunately, the current draft of the transportation budget leaves out this important study. City Council will finalize its budget in mid-November, so it is vital they hear from you as soon as possible.

It’s easy! Just CLICK HERE to preview and send a message to Council today!

Personalizing your letter will make it most meaningful. Thanks for helping with direct advocacy! If you have trouble with our email tool, view the letter template here instead.


Let’s Defeat Initiative 976

I-976 is a major threat to Lid I-5 at the time when we’re making great progress. After years of hearing the idea is too “pie in the sky”, Seattle’s support has never been higher. People understand the need for a more connected, sustainable, and equitable city – and they can see how lidding the freeway will support our robust population and economic growth. But lids and other fixes to I-5 will be less likely with a reduced transportation budget.

Promoted by anti-tax activist Tim Eyman, I-976 intends to cut statewide transportation funding by $4 billion over the next six years, slashing funds for important construction and maintenance projects like lidding SR-520 in Montlake, completing Sound Transit light rail, and seismic retrofits for bridges.

Vote NO on Initiative 976 to keep I-5 lids and other vital transportation infrastructure on track.

If you want to get more involved, there are upcoming opportunities to call voters and knock on doors. Check out the No on I-976 website and Facebook page for events across the Puget Sound and Spokane in the coming days. Our team has already phonebanked and encourage you to help preserve transportation funding for future generations.

Lid Study Meeting Postponed

The next meeting of the official Lid Feasibility Study Committee has been postponed to mid-December. We will provide an update when it is rescheduled.

In the meantime, you can take a quick online survey to provide your thoughts on the project.

Learn more and see past presentations at the project website.

That’s it for this newsletter! As always, learn more about the Lid I-5 campaign at our website,, and social media channels.

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Lid I-5 Steering Committee