Gratitude and #GivingTuesday

Join Us for a Global Day of Giving

From all of us at Lid I-5, we’d like to take the opportunity to genuinely thank you for your interest in building a stronger, more resilient, accessible, caring, and sustainable Seattle.

We’re nearing the end of an extremely challenging year and are not sure what the future holds. Yet, we remain steadfast in our vision to improve Seattle’s public health and address its public park deficit by creating more than 17 acres of new public land for open space, affordable housing, civic uses, and active transportation connections.

This is a long-term vision that requires sincere commitment and expertise to keep the project alive. We’ve long known this project will take a decade or more to complete and may need to navigate economic recessions, so we’ll be hitting the ground running when social life returns to normal.

This holiday season, if you have the means to support our efforts, please consider making a contribution no matter how small on #GivingTuesday (December 1st), to demonstrate to the broader public the value of this project.


The Lid I-5 campaign is all about people and bring together our community.

We recognize how many people are struggling, financially and otherwise, so completely understand if you can’t contribute at this time. Either way, please share this message with your network, so they, too, have the opportunity to support or get involved in the next big-idea community project!

We’re grateful to each of you for all you do to spread goodness in our corner of the world.

Happy holidays!

Steering Committee
Natalie Bicknell
Scott Bonjukian, co-chair
Jim Castanes
Liz Dunn
John Feit, co-chair
Bruno Lambert

A Note on the Feasibility Study

We have learned the I-5 Lid Feasibility Study has been completed for several months and is waiting for final release approval by Mayor Durkan’s office. We are working with City staff to urge the publication of the study as soon as possible. The study’s findings are a key element for our campaign’s next steps in public outreach, political advocacy, and building the case for capital funding. We’ll let you know as soon as the study is out.