Call to Action: Support Planning for I-5

Hi friends,

We have an important opportunity for you to help us advance this project. Please send a message of support today to your state legislators for long-range planning in the urban I-5 corridor, which is currently prohibited in the proposed transportation budget (Senate Bill 5165 and House Bill 1135). We believe at least $5 million is needed for the Washington State Department of Transportation to lay this foundation for eventually lidding I-5.

You can click here to open a pre-filled message, or copy-paste from our template.

Make sure to sign with your name. You are welcome to add a personal note about why this project is important to you. If you live outside Seattle, you can find email address for your district legislators on the roster. And use on the BCC line to help us track responses.

We’re excited to see bold infrastructure funding proposals from our state and federal leaders, including the American Jobs Plan by President Biden just this week. We believe properly targeted investments can help our city, state, and nation make a just and green recovery from the devastating pandemic recession. Laying the groundwork for lidding I-5 in Seattle through regional corridor planning is a vital part of advancing this community vision.

Stay safe and healthy, and thank you for your everlasting support!

The Lid I-5 Steering Committee