GiveBig to Big Ideas + Transportation Package Update

Washingtonians #GiveBIG!

Every spring, people across Washington come together for a statewide fundraising campaign to support all the great nonprofit organizations and causes improving life in our state. Early giving kicked off on April 20 and runs through the 48-hour giving push May 4-5.

Our goal this year is very do-able: $500 and five new donors.

As a volunteer-led organization, we depend on community support to help us build and sustain momentum for the unique opportunity to lid more of I-5 and create new land for parks, better connected pathways, affordable housing, and whatever else the community deems most important. Through advocacy, outreach, and coalition-building, we’re guiding smart investments in freeway lids to transform transportation infrastructure so that it addresses inequities and works better for people, not just cars.

If you are one of our regular contributors, we thank you for your loyal support and encourage you to help us broaden our reach by sharing with your network why you think Lid I-5 makes sense.

Thank you for your generosity and support! Together we can build a more connected, sustainable, and equitable Seattle.

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State Transportation Budget

We regret to report back that the Legislature failed to fund Puget Sound I-5 planning in the 2021-2023 operating budget, and retained the “may not expend” language prohibiting WSDOT from completing this critical foundation-building work. The Legislature also did not pass a capital transportation package, where your support was vital in securing Senator Saldaña’s addition of study funding in a draft version.

Despite this news, we want to repeat our sincere gratitude for the 100+ supporters who met this month’s calls to contact their legislators. Your turnout showed our public officials that lidding I-5 and improving community connections is an important issue for their constituents. They’ll be hearing from all of us again in future sessions.

Lid I-5 testified live (virtually) at multiple committee meetings in April, donating hours of volunteer time. This gave us the unique opportunity to observe many of our fellow Washington citizens also advocating for a wide range of mobility needs across the state in communities urban, suburban, and rural. We are inspired by the breadth and depth of the need for funding green and equitable transportation projects, from bus stops and sidewalks to trails and salmon passages. We hope to work more closely with citizens and allied interest groups statewide – and possibly seek professional help – when transportation funding is revisited next year and beyond.

COVER PAGE_Partnering for the Future of I-5_credit to Washington State Department of Transportation
Learn more about the need for planning the future of the I-5 corridor.

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