Today’s Online Forum + Good News at City Council

Learn More: Today’s Online Forum

We’re hosting a special online event today dedicated to your impressions of the feasibility study. Join us for a brief presentation and summary of the study results. Then we’ll open the floor to you for questions and sharing ideas. This forum will be the first of many community conversations to come!

Wednesday, August 4
12:00 PM – 1:00
Zoom meeting online
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City Council Supports Studying Lids Citywide

Thanks goes out to Councilmember Dan Strauss, chair of Seattle’s Land Use and Neighborhoods Committee, for his forward-thinking proposal to consider freeway lids across the city. After his committee’s recommendation, on Tuesday the full council approved this in the Comprehensive Plan amendment docket for 2022.

Check out the full Resolution 32010 here. Section 2.E. says, “Neighborhood connections across highways. Analyze and make recommendations for changes to the Comprehensive Plan to support the use of lids across highways to restore disconnected neighborhoods, expand neighborhoods, and open up hundreds of acres of buildable land for housing and parks, to create safer, healthier, and more vibrant neighborhoods.”

We’ll be closely watching the follow-through on this item by the Office of Planning and Community Development, and we’ll share opportunities for you to be involved. We will also participate in the major Comprehensive Update process that is due to be complete in 2024.