61% of Seattleites Support Lidding I-5 – GiveBig Today to Help The Vision Grow

GiveBig to Build a Growing Movement


The annual GiveBIG event is today! Every donation, big and small, as well as every word-of-mouth endorsement for our effort, makes a huge impact.

By lidding I-5, we will restore and revitalize the vibrant and diverse communities split by the freeway through reducing local pollution and, at the same time, create new park space, urban tree canopy, affordable housing, better pathways for walking and rolling, and more. This vision of creating new public land out of thin air is located where we need it most in the heart of Seattle, allowing more efficient, sustainable, and equitable use of urban space.

Public support is lining up for the vision. Scientific polling by Northwest Progressive Institute in late 2021 found 61% of Seattleites support this vision. This is a groundbreaking achievement and never before have we had such a clear picture of public sentiment. This community enthusiasm gives us the power to continue moving forward.

As the volunteer leaders behind the project, we also know we have more work to do with engaging and listening to our neighbors. Your donations of any size help with our research, public events, and advocacy.

Support at all levels of government is aligning. The City of Seattle and City Council supports lidding I-5 through its polices, the Washington State Legislature has committed funds to study the freeway’s future, and the U.S. Congress has created a new, innovative Reconnecting Communities program that could fund project just like this.

We must build on this moment and this momentum.

Donate today to improve lives and communities for a better tomorrow. Thank you!

Best regards,

The Lid I-5 Steering Committee
Natalie Bicknell
Scott Bonjukian, co-chair
Jim Castanes
Liz Dunn
John Feit, co-chair
Bruno Lambert