Support Lid I-5 in the WSCC Public Benefits Survey

The new year is almost here! Before taking time off with friends and family, we ask that you please support this important campaign by participating in the Convention Center Addition’s public benefits survey:

We’re very excited at this opportunity to fund the Lid I-5 feasibility study. The study will find citywide opportunities to create new public land, reconnect neighborhoods, and reduce local pollution. We encourage you to also support the Pine-Boren lid park, the proposed pedestrian improvements to the I-5 overpasses, and the other street safety and public space proposals.

For the Lid I-5 proposal, we suggest language such as this:

The Lid I-5 feasibility study is critical to reconnecting Seattle’s urban core to surrounding neighborhoods, improving air quality, providing new public space for all residents, and creating sites for much needed affordable housing. Though not a traditional ‘physical benefit’, the study and its future implementation will lay the foundation and build upon the laudable benefits other community groups, SDOT, and the Convention Center are proposing. Please fund the full cost of the feasibility study, estimated to require $1 million or more, to ensure a healthy and prosperous future for Seattle’s most vibrant and diverse neighborhoods.

Happy Holidays!