It’s A Match! Lid I-5 Exceeds 2016 Fundraising Goals

We are excited to announce a major $20,000 contribution to the Lid I-5 campaign.

To help us meet our 2016 fundraising goal, Michael Malone, principal at Hunters Capital, generously offered the Steering Committee $10,000 if we found a second donation as a match. Joe Nabbefeld, broker at Windermere Capitol Hill, rose to the occasion with an equally generous gift. In addition, because of the many charitable contributions from supporters like you, the Steering Committee surpassed our $30,000 fundraising goal by more than 30 percent.

Every contribution helps validate our goal to heal the I-5 scar with great places for people, and inspires us to march on. Thanks to the contributions from Mike and Joe, as well as all of our supporters, we’re poised to move forward with important next steps in 2017.

This year we plan to continue our visioning work to illustrate and promote the benefits of freeway lids, further build our coalition of supporters, and inspire our civic leaders to seize this opportunity to make Seattle an even better city than it is today. Stay tuned for updates and event announcements as the year unfolds.