Thursday Happy Hour + Campaign Endorsement!

Happy Hour & Fundraiser on Thursday

You might not know that Lid I-5 operates with a dedicated volunteer team, and we rely on generous donations to support our advocacy work. Everything from flyer printing and venue rentals to professional support need to be sustained for the coming years.

You’ve attended public events, shared good news, and written letters to public officials. Now you can help again: Join our annual fundraiser, the Big Ideas Happy Hour, this Thursday at 6:00 PM! Click here for details and to get your tickets today!

Conceptual rendering looking north, showing a southern extension of Freeway Park and a new Downtown/First Hill elementary school. Credit: Central Hills Triangle Collaborative, Studio 216

By supporting Lid I-5 for the long-term you can help restore neighborhood connections, build public land, and lessen environmental impacts all at once. We can catch up and build future capacity for affordable housing, public parks, and civic institutions like schools, community centers, and the arts. With central Seattle nearly built out there are few other options than lidding I-5.

To understand the details we need an expert look. That’s why over the past three years we’ve volunteered, advocated, and negotiated to secure funding for a major feasibility study. Now we’re working with city planners to begin the study in early 2019 – a major milestone.

Attend the annual Happy Hour on Thursday (or donate online) to see how far we’ve come, celebrate the latest achievements, and help chart the future!

Endorsement by Councilmember O’Brien

Our elected officials are increasingly recognizing both the opportunity and the public energy around Lid I-5. Last month we shared the campaign’s endorsement by Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda, who joins Sally Bagshaw and Rob Johnson. This month we’re delighted to announce the endorsement of Councilmember Mike O’Brien!  From his website:

Born and raised in the Seattle area, Mike has a deep appreciation for the beauty of the Puget Sound region and a deep respect for the progressive values and spirit of independence of the people who live in Seattle and make it such a great city. In his seven years on city council, Mike has been a champion for environmental and social justice causes.