Join Lid I-5 at Upcoming Events!


Are you ready for an exciting 2019? There are many chances to get involved with Lid I-5 this week and next month! We are working on multiple fronts to advance the vision for a more connected and stronger Seattle. Check out an open house at City Hall, join us for an outdoor walking tour, and sit in on the first public feasibility study meeting.

Thursday: Big Ideas Open House

The “Freeway Stitch” has made the cut for the Imagine Greater Downtown initiative! The project is exploring ten big concepts to improve quality of life in central Seattle.

Join the next open house and share your thoughts on Thursday, February 28, 6:30 PM – 8:00 at the Seattle City Hall Bertha Knight Landes Room. We’ll be there to make sure lidding I-5 and address other parts of the freeway divide are a big part of the conversation.

Can’t make the event in-person? Check out the idea page here and please share a few thoughts about why lidding I-5 is important to you. We always cite our city’s growing need for parkland, the demand for affordable housing sites, and the opportunity to improve pedestrian mobility. The freeway is a 20th century traffic scar that needs to respond to 21st century needs for healthy walkability, quality of life, and equitable public investments. As seen throughout King County and the nation, lids are a viable solution. The “Freeway Stitch” will be a major step towards improving Seattle for future generations.

March 9: Study Area Walking Tour

Seattle is embarking on a major feasibility study for lidding the central segment of Interstate 5. You’re invited to experience the dreadful freeway canyon firsthand and hear the latest project details on a unique walking tour with Lid I-5. You’ll see how Seattle’s unique topography and the freeway configuration will influence design, and walk through existing lids at Freeway Park and the Convention Center. Whether you’re an ardent supporter, a newcomer, or a skeptic, you’ll benefit from learning more about Seattle’s next civic endeavor.

The tour is Saturday, March 9, starting at 10:00 AM. Click here to register and see the full details. The event is free and donations are accepted to support our volunteer work.

March 26: Feasibility Study Meeting

As the study kicks off this quarter, a unique and diverse Feasibility Study Committee (FSC) will first meet on Tuesday, March 26, 3:00 PM – 5:00 at the Seattle City Hall Bertha Knight Landes Room. The role of the FSC is to review the study’s scope of work, advise on technical matters, and liaison to their community members. The FSC roster represents important interests like affordable housing, parks, environmental stewardship, real estate, and transportation. The FSC will include two Lid I-5 Steering Committee members.

The FSC will have 5-6 meetings throughout the study period, and the public is welcome to them all. You’ll also find the Lid I-5 team at the meetings to monitor progress and engage our neighbors.

Track progress on the study via our newsletter, the Lid I-5 website, and the official OPCD feasibility study webpage.

Best regards,
Lid I-5 Steering Committee