The Viaduct and Lidding I-5

Parallels: Lid I-5 and the Viaduct The past week marked a historic moment in Seattle history: The Alaskan Way Viaduct was finally closed to vehicle traffic. The towering concrete highway overpowered the Seattle waterfront with its bulk and noise for decades – the newfound calm is stunning, and a welcome step in reclaiming the historic … More The Viaduct and Lidding I-5

Thursday Happy Hour + Campaign Endorsement!

Happy Hour & Fundraiser on Thursday You might not know that Lid I-5 operates with a dedicated volunteer team, and we rely on generous donations to support our advocacy work. Everything from flyer printing and venue rentals to professional support need to be sustained for the coming years. You’ve attended public events, shared good news, … More Thursday Happy Hour + Campaign Endorsement!

City Council Approves Lid I-5 Feasibility Study!

On Monday the full Seattle City Council voted unanimously to initiate the feasibility study for lidding the I-5 freeway. This is a historic moment for Seattle, on par with catalytic decisions like rebuilding our central waterfront, hosting the 1962 World’s Fair, and saving Pike Place Market. Years from now we will look back at Monday’s … More City Council Approves Lid I-5 Feasibility Study!